Thanks to all who helped set up the exhibit on the front lawn of the gallery.

Future paintings

From the sketchbook.

The Otley Butterfly (a true story) – Now available in my ETSY shop.

Otely Butterfly
Otley Butterfly 

Yes it’s out now. You can buy your copy online now at THIS LINK

See previous posts for more details.

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Oh well.

We've all been fooled
We’ve all been fooled

Find almost all the Songsters of Protest on the official page.

Songs of Protest 

songs of protest gallery 2

songs of protest gallery screenshot

It’s begining to stink

34 stacks a smokin

I thought I’d put up this little picture. It’s all getting a bit messy.¬† I knew I should have kept out of the art world. I’ll just keep doing what I do best.