Making a little test book…..

… I agreed to enter a book binding thing of binding a text block based on a letter by Nicolas Baudin disputing Captain Cook’s findings of Terra Nullius.

I’m trying some things out as I’ve made my own cords that I want visible on the inside of the book, and parts of the outside. Not sure how I feel about them on the outside yet. Glad I’ve done a dummy run.

Not sure how I feel about the raised thread on the image.

I thought they were low enough…..

I’ve lowered my expectations

…..but I underestimate how low peoples opinion is of me.

You think I’d learn.

By soon I mean…..

…..kind of never.

But we can dream.

Take your troubles…..

……and share them somewhere else.

I have not time for them.


There’s a time……

….to waste your energy.

And there’s energy and worry you never need to use.



So much of my brain energy is being drained by a world that does not interest me.

The Otley Butterfly – new edition.

Elizabeth JM Walker my Canadian zine and book collaborating friend, has updated and published the story about her grandmother who was a nurse to POW’s in World War 2. I was lucky to get to illustrate it. It’s a story of the ordinary people who are caught up in the decisions of others. Unfortunately, it is still relevant. We did forget.

You can buy it on Amazon around the world. This link is for Australia. HERE

Link for, HERE

Just try…..

……and drown me. I don’t swim. I walk.

Always have……

Bonus prints if you buy The Boy Who Owned The Forest

This book has been out for a while now. I seem to have a few lying around the house, so as a bonus I have printed two A4 posters of the pictures from the story in colour. Available now from my ETSY shop. Until I sell out, and there’s not many.