It’s almost that time….

…….to get some help.

It’s time…..

………to set your boundaries.

Wasn’t it meant to be the time for the downtrodden. All that I see is that all those in power already doubling down, and getting worse.

What to do?


There’s lots to see……

… sea.

More cat thoughts

…more sounds of thoughts.

I’ll keep working on them, and one day I will let you know where they are in the wild

Tom’s a peeping.

Tom's a peeping.



So it’s all systems go for feeding the egos. All the lessons learnt from the pandemic of understanding that business is not the whole of existence, is all out the window, and screw all of us who don’t worship the gods of mammon.

Find the right chimney…

…or you could get burnt.

Slowly building a city.

But what will I do with a city?


… cover done for the old family book.

Hand coloured prints now for sale

I’ll be adding more original one of a kind hand painted prints of my protesting friends over the next few weeks.

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