My work was never done…..

I was looking through some old images of mine, and thinking I really need to do something with all these. This is the title painting from an exhibition called “My work is done.” The quote is supposedly what George Eastman wrote on his suicide note. I was never intending to do that, but the exhibition was of over 360 paintings I did over a year. I didn’t actually paint one a day, but would actually paint most days, with some days ending up with me finishing anywhere from 1 to 10 paintings.

So, as I was having a look, I think it’s about time I made a book available of as many of the paintings I managed to get photos of. I thought I had taken photos of them all, but I didn’t.

So my work wasn’t done.

I lied.



…..forgot what I wanted to say.

It’s almost that time….

…….to get some help.

It’s time…..

………to set your boundaries.

Wasn’t it meant to be the time for the downtrodden. All that I see is that all those in power already doubling down, and getting worse.

What to do?

There’s lots to see……

… sea.

More cat thoughts

…more sounds of thoughts.

I’ll keep working on them, and one day I will let you know where they are in the wild

Tom’s a peeping.

Tom's a peeping.



So it’s all systems go for feeding the egos. All the lessons learnt from the pandemic of understanding that business is not the whole of existence, is all out the window, and screw all of us who don’t worship the gods of mammon.

Find the right chimney…

…or you could get burnt.

Slowly building a city.

But what will I do with a city?