……is an asset.


It’s better to have never tried…

…..because normal is a crime.

This is the one that started it all. 😦



So much of my brain energy is being drained by a world that does not interest me.

The journey…

….. probably isn’t worth it.

Not probably. It just wasn’t.

Who cares…..

….if I have more pictures for sale. Not many if any, I think.

Buy them HERE

I’ve put more garbage up for sale.

Plenty more where this has come from. Buy Here.

I guess you all………….

……… didn’t.

Seems like like the same crap out there.

So I can I go back home and have nothing to do with it all.

My New Year’s resolution. .

….to fill the world up with more of my art crap. I should be sorry. But I’m not.

It’s coming……

…….for us.

I’ve been looking through some of my old files. There’s plenty there. I couldn’t even begin to count. Well I could, but I have better things to do. As we all should. So it’s time to rest on my laurels and dredge up some old garbage of mine. Maybe it will be good for all of us, and stop me from making even more rubbish to clog up the sewers.

At the time (2012) I called this “Smoke.” But we know it isn’t.

This year’s cards.

On their way, somewhere or nowhere.

Santa is here in spirit, and full of spirits.