I thought they were low enough…..

I’ve lowered my expectations

…..but I underestimate how low peoples opinion is of me.

You think I’d learn.

By soon I mean…..

…..kind of never.

But we can dream.

Take your troubles…..

……and share them somewhere else.

I have not time for them.


How soon is now?

I have for many years been think that my time will come, but I’m getting a bit too old for that and realised that if it’s not now, then when.

So get ready to do some kissing.

Always have……

I’m not going anywhere…


But they are……

Picture Party of sorts….


An exhibit of my bad behavior. Nothing on sale, just a bunch of my angry friends.

Making some friends for a new picture party




Thanks to all who helped set up the exhibit on the front lawn of the gallery.

Songs of Protest 22 – Songs of Blue

So I’ve started again. I still probably have a least enough protesters for another 20, but one zine a week for the next couple of months should do it.

Feel free not to buy it like the last 21 HERE.