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Here is a list of what I’ve been up to. You will find no awards, no achievements.


2019 – Released date April 9. Illustrated “The Boy Who Owned The Forest,” by Elizabeth J.M .Walker. You can order it ORDER HERE


2020 DIY Vivid. Vivid was cancelled so instead of crashing it as I’ve done in the past, I did it at home. It got censored anyway by facebook as I think I have Kraftwerk playing in the background. So unlike them.

2017 The Three Magick Stooges : Their World of Interiors

with April White, Yoka Terzic at the  Watch House Balmain

2016 Jewels and Fools

2014 No End In Sight (Art and About) Waterloo Library

2012 Story Tales:  Balmain Watch House (Curator and Exhibitor)

2009 Made of Smoke: Balmain Watch House (Curator and Exhibitor)

2008 Pilgrimms Progressive Rock: Balmain Watch House (Curator and Exhibitor)

2007 Fools: Balmain Watch House (Curator and Exhibitor)

2006 Animal Crackers: Balmain Watch House (Curator and Exhibitor)

2002 Rubbish: Balmain Watch House (Curator and Exhibitor)

2001 The Curiosity Show: Balmain Watch House (Curator and Exhibitor)

1999 The Wilderness Years: Craven Café, Glebe

1993 My Work Is Done: First Draft West, Annandale

Zine Fairs

MCA Zine Fair 2010 -2013

Sticky Institute Zine Fair, Melbourne 2013

Manly Zine Fair, 2011 -2013

Newcastle TINA Zine Fair 2011 -2012




Currently available the first book that I’ve illustrated officially. The Boy Who Owned The Forest by Elizabeth J.M. Walker.


You can find a completely neglected site with my zines at http://neodrongopress.blogspot.com.au/

The most comprehensive list of my current zines can be found at my ETSY shop.

Thank you for visiting.


  1. I love your blog, the art is so simple and has a unique style. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  2. Great collection. Great work. Brilliance. if we may quote you. 😉

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