Don’t expect it to be over….


Find the right chimney…

…or you could get burnt.

Plague Christmas Cards now available

Get them from my ETSY Shop. Still relevant a year later.

Slowly building a city.

But what will I do with a city?



Building a new old city

I’m working on a new project. Well I’m pretending to. Build it and they will come. If they can find in.

New colouring book….

This started as a work joke when we had a Rat running around. It was obviously a hipster rat. Anyway, I’ve added a few more.

It can you not be fun. Buy it from my ETSY Shop.

Another new zine. We got you Covid….

Available now from my ETSY shop.

I should say it’s a collection of drawing of dancers with inspirational quotes, but it’s really just the dance of the deranged, with verses of despair.

Mask zine out now!!

Available now from my SHOP


… cover done for the old family book.