This year’s cards.

On their way, somewhere or nowhere.

Santa is here in spirit, and full of spirits.


Where there is smoke…

….it gets harder to breathe.

It’s almost that time….

…….to get some help.

Plague Christmas Cards now available

Get them from my ETSY Shop. Still relevant a year later.

Christmas Zine with Katie Haegele

I’ve had the greatest honour to draw pictures for Katie Haegele’s latest zine about Christmas. We didn’t quite get it together to print it before Christmas, but the stories are lovely and sad and I think they can be read at any time of the year.

Christmas, time to get your melancholy on.

Thanks Katie.


I find that there’s a lot of controversy surrounding the right time to take down one’s Christmas tree, including the idea that there is a right time. I see people’s frizzled trees lying on the curb as late as February, which gives me the willies. I have inherited my mother’s fussy, snobbish belief that the only acceptable time to take down the tree is on the Epiphany, the 12th day of Christmas. I can’t believe I care about this, but I do.

Katie Haegele 2016

Tis the season


Christmas story

Father Chrsitmas Tree 01.jpg

I’m hoping I pull my finger out and finish this Christmas Story about a tree really soon.

Stay tuned.



I’ll make sure of it.


Hipstery Christmas

Hipstery Christmas

Here comes Stan, bringer of the boutique pear ciders for all the good boys and girls at the artisan pop up bars spread across the land.

Merry Happy etc.