I luv ewes all


Happy Valentines Day.


And happy birthday Emily Valentine.



It pays to know me. New release


Hot on the heels of my previous collection, here is another lot of cards I made for friends and work friends.

16 pages of love in full colour in A6 size.

I’m going to take it easy on these this year as I have a picture party coming up in August and need to work on that. Available at my ETSY store.


New items in m shop

So I’ve still been making zines and not bothering to put them in my shop. So I’ll be spending today fixing that up. On the off chance that anyone in the world had the slightest interest.


Introducing………Mike Catton!!!!

Mike Catton
Mike Catton

Yet another in my new series “It pays to work with me.”

Happy Birthday Silvana.