No more shopping

No more shopping

For those who do want something different, and still want to shop, I along with others have some things in Platform 72. It’s a wonderful shop, and the people are so friendly. Click the picture for more information.,

Winners, and losers.

Well we’re all winners really, but I had a sum total of two entries for my colouring competition. But what entries they are! The first is by Irene Nicholas, graphic design freak, and accomplished colouring inner. I wrote to her to tell her the good news and then she forwarded the second entry by her friend Marie. I am most impressed. So I’ll be sending them a bunch of stuff, including original drawings that may one day be worth something. I feel almost bad, since nobody else entered, it looks as though they only won because they entered. Well that’s of course is true, but I really like these, and it they most likely would have won even if there was more competition. Anyway it pays to make the effort, and so they get stuff, and nobody else will, because you couldn’t be bothered. Don’t feel too bad as I will run another competition next year.

Free stuff. Yeah.

Irene Nicholas

She leaves burning.

She leaves burning.

Colouring Competition



Nicholas Beckett Visionary

Monthly News.

I will be at the Eveleigh Artisans Market, Sunday the4th of November, 10am to 3pm.

243 Wilson St, Darlington NSW 2008 [near Redfern Station]

I’m hoping to have my new colouring book “Fairy Princess Dinosoaurs,” ready by then.

Print the picture out below, COLOUR IT IN, bring it along, and get a free fridge magnet. Yay!

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I’ll see what I can do.

As usual I’m suprised at how little I get done. But I have started a new colouring book which will be ready for the next Artisans Market at Eveleigh Markets on November 4. It will be the last one I will be at this year, but my lovely friend Janet will be minding the one in December so you can still buy my goodies but not directly from me.

I’m also working on a couple of new Christmas cards which should be ready by then.

Here’s a picture from my other new zine, coming soon.



Redwater Markets

I’m going to have a stall at the Redwater Markets this Saturday 9am to 4pm. Come down if you feel up to it.




Redwater Markets

I’ll be at Redwater Markets this Saturday the 20th October, from about 9am to 4pm, under the trees in Redfern Park, corner of Chalmers St. and Redfern St.

Hope you can make it.

Unless it rains of course. Then I’m not leaving the house.

Silk Dress and Rumpus – New Zine with pictures by little ole me

My friend Joseph Carlough asked me a little while ago to do some pictures for a zine he’s creating using the book Ghosts I have Seen, by Violet Tweedale. And it’s available now, HERE. It looks pretty good. Buy it

Or Else!


Things are calming down

And all the better it is.

I’ll be a Eveleigh Markets, Wilson Street, Darlington 10am to 3pm, this Sunday the 7th of October. Come and visit if you wish.