I’ve put more garbage up for sale.

Plenty more where this has come from. Buy Here.


It’s coming……

…….for us.

I’ve been looking through some of my old files. There’s plenty there. I couldn’t even begin to count. Well I could, but I have better things to do. As we all should. So it’s time to rest on my laurels and dredge up some old garbage of mine. Maybe it will be good for all of us, and stop me from making even more rubbish to clog up the sewers.

At the time (2012) I called this “Smoke.” But we know it isn’t.

Rat arsed…

…….there was supposedly a kind of street fair organised in my neighbourhood today….

…..but all it seemed to be was turning over the street solely so people can get rat arsed.

That’s not a festival.

I’ve joined the Cat Party.

I have the honour of contributing to the latest Cat Party #9 Zine put together by my zines friends Katie and Joe, way on the other side of the planet. Copies are available from here

Just try…..

……and drown me. I don’t swim. I walk.

Building a new old city

I’m working on a new project. Well I’m pretending to. Build it and they will come. If they can find in.


I haven’t been making much art product lately. Mainly because I don’t care. But you can buy some of my ugly merchandise at Redbubble. Some of it is not the worst thing you’ve ever seen.


On holidays soon. Time to gather some information.

28 fat city

To paint more things like this.