Winners, and losers.

Well we’re all winners really, but I had a sum total of two entries for my colouring competition. But what entries they are! The first is by Irene Nicholas, graphic design freak, and accomplished colouring inner. I wrote to her to tell her the good news and then she forwarded the second entry by her friend Marie. I am most impressed. So I’ll be sending them a bunch of stuff, including original drawings that may one day be worth something. I feel almost bad, since nobody else entered, it looks as though they only won because they entered. Well that’s of course is true, but I really like these, and it they most likely would have won even if there was more competition. Anyway it pays to make the effort, and so they get stuff, and nobody else will, because you couldn’t be bothered. Don’t feel too bad as I will run another competition next year.

Free stuff. Yeah.

Irene Nicholas

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