Elizabeth JMW

I’m going to be at the Manly Zine Fair, in Manly Library on th 15th of September 11am to 2pm. It’s only a little zine fair, but should be fun, and it’s a nice place to spend the day. It’s part of Sydney but feels a world away. I’m hoping to have a few of Elizabeths zines there on the day.

I thought I’d give another plug for my friend Elizabeth in Canada, for her new zine,The Candy makers Daughter. It’s really more of a novella than a zine, at 44 pages. Only $4. Bargain and brilliant. Find it here, or click on the picture.

Here’s what it’s about,

What is the secret ingredient to the Candy Maker’s most delicious chocolates? Love. But since the death of his wife, his one true love, the Candy Maker has lost the ability to create his most special chocolates. When a foreign king demands the chocolates, the Candy Maker’s Daughter takes it upon herself to go on a journey to find true love and save her father. But will her heart ever find what she is seeking? And will she make it back in time to save her father?

398 is a litzine of fairy-tale-like stories by Elizabeth J. M. W.

398#12 is just one story: The Candy Maker’s Daughter, but it is much longer than previous 398 stories. This zine is 1/2 sized, 44pages and text heavy.

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