Lipstick on a pig


18 come hither med

I’ll be having a picture party in August at the Watch House in Balmain. This painting was from a previous show, so won’t be in the new one. But it represents what you will find there.

You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.

Which pretty much sums up my pictures. All smoke and mirrors. But then again she’s a pretty fetching pig.

Being a bad influence

Street Art Workshops 2016 A3.jpg

Manly library is getting me to run some workshops in June on how to make street art. It’s kind of hilarious really, but there you go.

I like that it mentions that I started my bullshit arts festival. Which reminds me I should be doing a bit more of that.




I luv ewes all


Happy Valentines Day.


And happy birthday Emily Valentine.


Future paintings

From the sketchbook.

It pays to know me. New release


Hot on the heels of my previous collection, here is another lot of cards I made for friends and work friends.

16 pages of love in full colour in A6 size.

I’m going to take it easy on these this year as I have a picture party coming up in August and need to work on that. Available at my ETSY store.


I’ve started painting again

New direction

Getting ready for the picture party next year in August.

Looks like nothing has changed much though. You’d have thought things might have improved, but it’s all cats and donkeys again.

Oh well.

Start saving.


I’ve booked to have picture party at my favourite gallery The Watch House in Balmain for August 27 -28 next year 2016 .

Time for you to start saving and me to finish and some of these old things, and start a bunch of new ones.



Manly Zine Fair – 19th September – Manly Library

The kids are alright, but I’m not


London has not failed to disappoint once again.

A litte present for our hosts

Butterfly farm sleeping