Songs of Protest 12. Out now!

Hot on the heels on my last non-seller Songs of Protest number 11, here’s another. I’ll keep at it. The less I sell the better, as it keeps me angry. Angry as all hell.

Get it HERE

Why won’t you listen!!!!



  1. only 1 available? way to keep supply low to match the demand

  2. Andrea Holmes says:

    Hey Nicholas,

    I want Songs Of Protest 12 but haven’t got PayPal nor do I want to pay $4.44 if I could pick it up from you (somewhere in Redfern?) instead.

    No more Carriageworks – are there any other markets you go to/are at regularly or any up-and-coming in Sydney/inner west-ish? If not, text me 0415 579 794 and I’ll come to you and Rosina by bike and collect it. Against ‘hard cold’ cash, of course! Hear soon?   Andrea   🙂

    (current art widow of Anne Bentley, my-wife-the-artist, with hers and Megan’s show coming up @ Sheffer from 10th May)

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