What’s happening?

Manly Zine Fair this Saturday the 20th. 11am to 2pm.

Manly zine fair 2014official

Exhibition: On Now!!!

Friday 19 September to Wednesday 8 October

 “There is no end in sight”

Where I will be inviting  bystanders to his exhibition of 101 colour prints of my Songs Of Protest friends inside Waterloo Library’s  Cabinet of The Less Considered. Around the library view 13 similarly freestanding placard holders. Write your own placard for our wall.

No end in sight waterloo 3a

Also during that time I will be Zinemaking at the Children’s Festival @ Seymour Centre

Saturday 27 September 11.00am-3.00pm


I’m helping to organise a Zine and DIY fair at Waterloo Library on Sunday 23rd November, 10am to 2pm. Contact me if you have zines and want a stall. It’s still in the early organising stage, so there’s plenty of stall available, as in all of them. I can’t gurantee anyone will come, but it can only be great.










  1. hey hey nicholas… CZE kicks off at 11am and runs to 4pm – looking forward to seeing you there! cheers – the CZE crew

  2. John Turner said:

    Saint Beckett: I’m going to celebrate the end of your market participation by not turning up (again).


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