Up and coming

I got into the MCA Zine Fair.

I’m not sure if I’m going.

Besides the fact that half the Zine Community aren’t going as the MCA have sponsorship from Transfield, they are hitting the people who are going for 1/3 more for the stall to make up costs due to the exodus. I support the whole idea of the boycott. But the fact that the MCA is hitting the poorest ot the poor in the creative community for the shortfall is certainly rich. So I’m feeling dirty about it all. Transfiled has supposedly pulled out, but I’m sure there’s some blood money hanging around, but not for the poor zine people. So not only are we not getting subsided, we’re helping them give all that blood money to someone else.

Not sure where I’ll go to from here, but I’ll still be making art, but I think I’ll abandon any sorto f group all zine. It all ends in tears. Mostlu for me.

Details on the event¬† HERE.¬† Just to clarify. Anyone who is having a stall I fully support too, as I know there aren’t too many opportunities to get your work out to such a large audience. In the sad scheme of things the MCA can offer that.

Ahh. What to do.

We live in interesting times.

I still might go as I’ve nothing better to do.


  1. hey hey nicholas… CZE kicks off at 11am and runs to 4pm – looking forward to seeing you there! cheers – the CZE crew

  2. John Turner said:

    Saint Beckett: I’m going to celebrate the end of your market participation by not turning up (again).


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